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3 sessions from 2021 Prix d’Excellence Best Indigenous Relations Initiative Recipients

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Ruth Shead, University of Manitoba
Matthew Dunn, University of Saskatchewan
Stephen J. Augustine, Cape Breton University

Watch 3 intriguing and engaging presentations by recipients of the 2021 Prix d'Excellence for Best Indigenous Relations Initiative:

Session 1
Celebrating Indigenous Scholars
Ruth Shead, Director, Indigenous Engagement and Communications, University of Manitoba
This presentation explores how the Indigenous Scholars Profile and Speaker Series highlights the academic journeys, expertise and research of Indigenous Scholars working at the University of Manitoba. Through digital storytelling and an accompanying speaker series, audiences are introduced to the many ways Indigenous Scholars are producing and sharing knowledge(s) on matters that impact Indigenous communities while changing the landscape of learning at UM and transforming the lives of Indigenous and all peoples and communities.

Session 2
māmowi āsohtētān Internal Truth and Reconciliation Forum
Matthew Dunn, Senior Strategic Officer, Indigenous Engagement, Office of the Vice-Provost, Indigenous Engagement, University of Saskatchewan
This presentation highlights the objectives of the 3rd annual māmowi āsohtētān Internal Truth and Reconciliation Forum, and provides details on the planning, implementation, and outcomes of the forum. Lessons learned will be shared, as well as how feedback was incorporated into the 4th annual forum.

Session 3
Collaborative Reconciliation in a working environment
Stephen J. Augustine, Associate Vice-President Indigenous Affairs and Unama'ki College, Cape Breton University
In the process of putting together this project and program, Learning About the L’nu Way, Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees at Cape Breton University learned about what reconciliation really means. Technicians, writers, researchers, and eventually the targeted audience learned about Indigenous voices and experiences first-hand in the telling and recording the history of our collective past.