Frequently Asked Questions

Winning a CCAE Prix d’Excellence is a source of pride born of the scrutiny and judgment of your advancement peers from across Canada. It’s never too early to select your best advancement work from the previous year, gather the required stats and information, and plan your entry / entries.

The 2022 Prix d’Excellence will be open for entries on January 24, 2022.

To facilitate this process, CCAE has compiled a list of frequently asked questions, and answers, about the Prix d’Excellence entry and judging processes. Please review these FAQs before you start compiling your entry.

If a question arises that is not answered here, please inquire early in the process. Do not wait until the entry deadline date, when the CCAE staff and host coordinators are very busy handling entries.

For any questions, please contact the CCAE Office at


Prix d’Excellence FAQs

A: The CCAE Office can accept any size file sent electronically via a file sharing URL. If using the online form there is a maximum of 20MB. However, we recommend that submitters compress file submissions to under 10MB. Larger files may be rejected by your school’s server and / or may require excessive time to upload. Please verify your institution’s server capacity before attempting to send files electronically. 

(1) Entries are limited to 3 pages. NOTE: No appendices will be accepted for any category. Categories 16 - 28 require additional creative materials, beyond the 3-page entry form, to be used in judging. There is a maximum of 2 supplementary creative materials allowed. 
(2) Each submission entered into any category must include a budget. Submissions that do not include a budget will be considered incomplete.
(3) Submissions must include an indication of return on investment (ROI). This indicates impact on the school and / or shop, regardless of size of institution or budget. Not necessarily a financial measure, ROI may include enhancement of reputation, increased attendance at events, or other types of return.

Institutions should provide context and background information that demonstrates why this initiative/event is unique, innovative and how it relates to your advancement shop.

Quantifiable refers to amounts that can be measured:
(1) dollars spent or raised;
(2) number of event attendees or website click-throughs;
(3) number of media mentions, awards or recognitions resulting from an initiative.

Qualitative is an important subjective outcome such as:
(1) evidence of stronger engagement in an initiative or institution;
(2) enhanced relationships with target groups;
(3) indications of positive response in conversations, e-mails, letters or other communications.

A: None. Hard copy materials will NOT be accepted. For categories 16-28 creative materials are required. Please submit all creative materials in PDF, jpg, or png format. For images resolution must be a minimum of 200dpi and the image must clearly show the item. There is a maximum of 2 supplementary creative materials allowed.

A: All judges are volunteers with some level of professional expertise in the category they are judging. They are instructed to review and consider all the factors outlined in their category criteria and requirements.

The judging rubric serves as guidance to our judges and to provide consistency (in scores) across the categories.
In order to ensure consistency in the value of the CCAE Prix d’Excellence Awards, awards are not awarded to entries that receive less than a certain threshold and only one winner per category is assigned.  Once all entries are scored, judges are tasked with determining the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each category and reserve the right, not to assign awards at every level. If scores in the category are low or there are a small number of entries in each category, judges will work to ensure the integrity of the program.

A.: Yes. It's easy and very beneficial to join CCAE. Click here for information on becoming a CCAE member.

A: Yes. Your institution can pay by EFT or online via credit card. Please ask your institution to include a copy of all confirmation e-mails with any EFT payment. All payments must be received by February 7, 2022 – the submission deadline date.

A.: Yes. Choose the “pay by EFT” option, and forward a copy of your confirmation e-mail to CCAE ( with a request for an invoice.

A.: Check your junk e-mail box. If the confirmation e-mail is not there, contact CCAE ( and provide the following information:

  • the first and last name of the submitter;
  • the e-mail address of the submitter;
  • the title(s) of the submissions (e.g. Annual Report of XYZ University, etc.)

A.: Call the CCAE Office at 613-531-9213; or e-mail

Please note, the office will not accept calls after 3 p.m. ET on February 7, 2022.

A.:  Read the 2022 category descriptions carefully. Where to submit is up to the judgment of the individual (or school) submitting. Host coordinators will do their best to flag any entries that they believe have been entered in the wrong category. If still not sure, contact

A.: ONLY categories 16-28 require additional creative materials. The judges will evaluate your submission based on the content of your 3-page entry form, AND in categories 16-28 the creative materials are used for judging. There is a maximum of 2 supplementary creative materials allowed in addition to the 3-page entry form.

A.: Most certainly! The Prix d’Excellence Program needs volunteers in order to run and each year between 80-90 professionals take the time to review entries and assign winners. CCAE will ensure you assign you on a category that is not conflicted with any submissions from your Institution. If you would like to volunteer, please contact

A.: There will be no advance notice of winners prior to the awards ceremony. The Prix d’Excellence awards will be celebrated in May 2022, exact details will be shared closer to this date. All recipients are encouraged to attend the online celebration and join in the recognition of their colleagues.