Prix d'Excellence Entries & Instructions


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NEW: CCAE has streamlined the Prix d'Excellence submission process!

To help you complete the entry process:

  1. Download the 2019 CCAE Prix d'Excellence Package:

    2019 CCAE Prix d'Excellence Package

  2. Download the 2019 CCAE Prix d'Excellence 3 page entry form:

    2019 CCAE Prix d'Excellence 3 page entry form

  3. Submit your 3 page entry form, and any required creative materials* (*categories 20-30 ONLY) with fees to the online submission site:

    Online Submission Form


The Prix d’Excellence is the annual awards program of the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education, recognizing outstanding achievements in alumni affairs, public affairs, communications, marketing, development, advancement services, stewardship and overall institutional advancement.

Entry Timelines

Entry submissions open January 15th, 2019. All entries, supporting documentation, and payments must arrive at the CCAE Office by 5 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 28, 2019. Because of the volume of entries we receive for this popular program, THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE EXTENDED.

NEW: CCAE has added 4 new award categories!

2019 CCAE Prix d'Excellence Categories


  • All components of the Prix d’Excellence entry (as stipulated in the category description) must be received in order to be judged.
  • Only work produced in the calendar year 2018 is eligible unless otherwise noted in the category descriptions.
  • Work produced in collaboration with an external provider (such as an ad agency or graphic designer) is eligible; however, this should be clearly noted in the entry report.
  • You may submit each entry into only one category.
  • Entries may be submitted in French, in English, or bilingually. When required, CCAE will provide professional translation of the entry document only (not creative materials).
  • Entries must be made in the name of the institution and contributing department(s).
  • Only CCAE member institutions may submit entries to the Prix d’Excellence program. If you are not a member institution, please contact CCAE to join.
  • Judging reports, once received by CCAE from volunteer judges will be sent via e-mail to the submission contact after the conference.
Each Prix d’Excellence entry has 3 components:
  1. Online Submission Form & Payment (Submissions open January 15th 2019)
  2. A 3-page entry form. Note: this is the ONLY item that will be judged. Please use the 3-page entry form template
  3. Creative Materials*: Only applies to categories 20-30.
  1. Review Prix d’Excellence categories carefully:
    Some categories have been added, removed or changed from previous years. Each entry can be submitted in only one category, so choose the category that best fits your submission. Some categories have unique requirements for submission (for example, supplementary creative materials).
  2. Gather entry info and all supplementary creative materials* :
    Assemble all of the information required for an entry as outlined in the 3-page entry form, (budget for the project, goals of the project, success metrics, quantifiable & qualitative results to support your entry) including the items specific to your chosen category. Review the judging criteria within the category description to ensure your entry contains all required information.
  3. Prepare your entry form:
    Compose your 3-page entry form using the template. Complete all the questions identified in the category description specific to your category. Note that entry reports can not exceed 3 pages maximum.
  4. Complete the online submission form and pay fees:
    All entries will be submitted online using the Online Submission Form (Submissions open January 15th 2019). Your entries will be uploaded electronically, so be sure you have everything ready to complete the process, for assistance use the Prix d’Excellence Checklist included in the 2019 CCAE Prix d'Excellence Package
    Once you have submitted online you will receive confirmation from the CCAE office. If not seen, please check your junk/spam folders.

All entries and payments and any creative materials must be received at the CCAE Office by 5 p.m. EST on February 28, 2019.

* Creative Materials only apply to certain categories. Review the category instructions to see if required before submitting your entry. Note: Creative materials are NOT part of the judging process, they are only to provide context in judging. Maximum 2 supplementary creative materials are allowed. No hard copies will be accepted.

New for 2019: Use the 3-page entry form template to help ensure your 3-page entry form is eligible for your submission.

ALL 2019 Prix d’Excellence categories require the following to be included in the 3-page entry form in order to be considered complete for judging.

  • Budget for the initiative or project.
  • Goals of the initiative or project, and how those goals link to institution / department mission.
  • Metrics by which you assessed return on investment / success of the initiative or project.
  • Both quantifiable and qualitative results that support this entry receiving a Prix d’Excellence.

Please note:

  • Judging will be based on the 3-page entry form only
  • New for 2019: no hard copies are required in any Category
  • New for 2019: appendices are no longer required in any category
  • Please read each category carefully. Categories 20 - 30 require creative materials that is for context in judging. Creative materials are not part of the 3 page-entry form
  • No cover page is required for the 3-page entry

File naming conventions:

Your entry must conform to the 2019 CCAE Prix d’Excellence naming convention requirements for all entry documents.

Save all files with the following convention: Cat# - Institutional Acronym – Title of entry

Format & Layout

Margins: 1"

Font: Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri, size 11 or larger

Writing Style: Bullet or numbered points in paragraph form are welcomed

Each entry must be accompanied by a $100.00 fee (+ applicable taxes, depending on province). Payment can be by credit card or cheque. If paying by cheque, allow sufficient time for it to arrive before the February 28, 2019 deadline. If paying by credit card, please contact the CCAE Office by phone (613-531-9213)

Prix d’Excellence recipients, or their supervisors, will be notified by phone in spring 2019. All recipients of a Prix d’Excellence are eligible to register for the National Conference at the early registration rate, regardless of when they register. The Prix d’Excellence awards will be celebrated during lunch on Wednesday, June 5 during the CCAE National Conference in Kanata, ON (June 4 - 6, 2019). All recipients are encouraged to attend or send someone from their school to accept their framed Prix d’Excellence certificate in person.


For questions, please contact:

CCAE Office
4 Cataraqui Street, Suite 310
Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7