Sessions & Presenters


Reporting & Data Analytics in Annual Giving: McGill’s Journey: Then & Now

Tarek ElChaarani - Director of Annual Giving & Business Intelligence, University Advancement at McGill

Is your Annual Giving Program using data analytics as well as it could? Join us for a presentation and discussion as we learn how McGill University has successfully put data in the driver’s seat for their Annual Giving strategies. Learn how McGill’s Annual Giving team has become almost entirely data-driven in just under two years, and witness the power of data analytics in impacting the program’s overall performance. From segmentation to analyzing your results, this presentation will cover some of the most strategic ways data can help.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to leverage reporting & data analytics for Annual Giving success.
  2. How McGill University implemented a reporting and analytics program to better understand and ultimately improve its performance.
  3. Tricks and techniques that McGill has implemented to drive success.

How focusing on meaningful stewardship, gave Annual Giving donors at Wilfrid Laurier University, the experiences they deserve.

Devan Katsof - Development Officer, Annual Giving, Wilfred Laurier University

June Perry - Manager, Stewardship and Donor Relations, Wilfred Laurier University

Teams at Wilfrid Laurier University have spent the past year learning how to work together to provide meaningful engagement opportunities for annual donors. Team members from Annual Giving and Stewardship/Donor Relations work hard to collaborate and have seen much success from their efforts. From hand written thank you notes, to brand new events and more; they have learned many lessons along the way and are ready to share.


  1. How to get your department on board with AG stewardship
  2. Tips for working with colleagues to execute AG stewardship activities
  3. Tips for hosting meaningful stewardship events for annual giving donors

Boost your Annual Giving revenue by 50%+ in one year

Louise Bleau - Director of Annual Campaigns, Development and Alumni Relations Office, University of Montreal

This presentation will reveal success tips from the University of Montreal's annual campaigns, including donor renewal and acquisition strategies, segmentation and results.

Louise Bleau will summarize aspects of the University of Montréal’s annual campaigns - 20 total, including 10 for specific Schools and Faculties - that saw 95% of tailored campaigns achieve or surpass objectives.

This session will cover best philanthropic practices including:

  • Linking annual giving to objectives of the strategic plan
  • How to reinforce the sense of belonging among alumni
  • Meeting the philanthropic needs of Faculties
  • Multi-channel strategies to engage alumni from 10 different faculties

As well as triumphs, the session will explore irritants, constraints and lessons learned for upcoming annual campaigns.


  1. Why and how to implement multi-channel strategies
  2. Crafting a solicitation strategy based on School- and Faculty-specific projects        
  3. How tailored strategies can have a major impact on Annual Giving results

Putting the Campaign in Annual Campaign - Turning Around Trent's Annual Fund

Dane Shumak - Development Officer, Annual Giving, Trent University

Lee Hayes - Director, Alumni Affairs & Annual Giving at Trent University

The session will describe how Trent University increased its annual giving revenue by 78% in a single year through optimization of its multi-channel efforts, treating its Annual Fund as a distinct campaign with a real investment of resources, and by implementing performance indicators and strategy in the implementation of the campaign.


  1. Provide ideas on optimization of Annual Giving programs with no increase in resources
  2. Provide context to treat your Annual Giving Campaign as a true "campaign" versus just a "program" or offshoot
  3. Give strategic recommendations that could apply to all schools across the province, and Canada, based on what Alumni want

How Seneca alumni paid it back by paying it forward

Shannon Gaskell - Seneca College

The Alumni Pay It Forward Challenge is an annual spring campaign whereby graduates are asked to make a gift in May in order to unlock a $30,000 gift from an anonymous supporter. The campaign has a clear goal, focuses on urgency and donor participation, rather than on gift amount. Since its launch in 2016, the Pay It Forward Challenge has increased participation by 29% and has decreased the required length of the campaign by 60%.


  1. Provide overview of a successful model used at Seneca for acquiring and renewing annual gifts
  2. Discuss three key concepts used to achieve campaign targets: urgency, unity, incentive
  3. Describe how an engagement activity in the ask increased participation, fostered engagement between graduates and professors and promoted the culture of philanthropy among Seneca faculty.

Annual Giving and Alumni Relations #relationshipgoals

Terry Cockerline - Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, University of Victoria, and Executive Director, University of Victoria Alumni Association

Jennifer Sandmaier - BA, CFRE, Manager, Annual Giving, University of Victoria

Alumni Relations and Annual Giving is perhaps the greatest and most obvious union since chocolate met peanut butter. It’s been 5 years since the University of Victoria merged the two units into a symbiotic blend of delicious synergy. This session will outline the model that the University of Victoria has used to bring the two groups together, the lessons learned along the way and the path to future success. Please bring your own questions and ideas - the presentation will leave lots of time for audience participation and sharing.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How Alumni Relations and Annual Giving can work together for shared goals for engagement and giving
  2. How purposeful integration of Alumni and Annual giving can benefit Major Gifts and Planned Giving
  3. How purposeful integration can help with donor Relations

Friendship & Philanthropy: How class reunions and peer-to-peer asks can inspire alumni to give

Jana Miller - Alumni Advancement Manager, University of Guelph.

Tara McNeice - Acting Associate Director, Annual Giving at the University of Guelph.

Class reunions are a well-established tradition at the University of Guelph. For decades, our alumni have chosen to mark anniversary milestones by launching a class project and directing their collective giving to an area that is meaningful to them. Peer-to-peer asks through annual class appeals can successfully inspire alumni to support areas such as scholarships, bursaries, capital campaigns, and research equipment. This session will provide an overview of a successful class project model used at the University of Guelph, the tools used by our Alumni Advancement team to launch and support class projects, and how class projects support the annual giving and the major gift pipeline.


  1. Provide overview of a successful model used at U of G for cultivating reunion groups and launching class projects
  2. Provide overview of the “life cycle” of a successful class project at U of G
  3. Discuss how the class projects support the Annual Giving and Major Gift pipeline

Giving Circles: Empowered Philanthropy  

Joy Gooding, Senior Development Officer, Seneca College

In this session you will learn what a Giving Circle is and how to incorporate this tool in your Annual program. Using the example of Seneca’s King Township Women of Influence Giving Circle, discover how you can encourage a community or group of like-minded individuals to collectively support your cause. Increase your fundraising income and build loyalty by engaging donors in a fun, social and thoughtful way. Learn how to get faculty and staff on board as partners and how to choose great projects for funding. This session will also cover how to show members the impact of their philanthropy. 


  • Defining the objectives of a Giving Circle & Recruiting and retaining members   
  • Building partnerships with faculty and staff. You've raised the money, now how you do deploy the funds?         
  • Demonstrating the impact of the Giving Circle's philanthropy

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Faculty Staff Campaign

Jacqueline Watty, Senior Relationship Manager, Advancement, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Faculty and staff campaigns can be challenging at any institution. Encouraging staff and faculty to consider supporting their workplace requires time, strategic engagement and champions to assist you with your goal.

In this session we will discuss the importance of relationships, targeted engagement, how to break down barriers and how to get your campaign set up for success. We will also have time to discuss what some of your challenges have been, to brainstorm and share as a group. It won't be a session with a 'talking head'!" 


  • Determine what a 'successsful' campaign would like at your institution    
  • Complete a pre-plan for your campaign      
  • Share experiences with colleagues about 'what's worked' and 'what hasn't worked' for them

10 Free or Cheap Resources to Help you Fundraise Better!

Brock Warner, Director of Community Giving and Innovation, War Child

Regardless the size of your shop or budget, everyone loves free stuff. There are more tools, services and resources available that ever before and most them at little or no cost to you. Brock will share his top ten free or very cheap resources and discuss how he uses each to improve or expand War Child’s fundraising program.           


  • Learn where to find free or very cheap resources you’ll use on a daily basis.       
  • Understand how and why free or very cheap resources can feed innovation in your organization.          
  • Increase your value within the organization, as someone with an eye on ROI and efficiency.

CCAE Snap Sessions- Collaboration & Co-Operation

Advancement staff work hard to build relationships and manage portfolios. Constituents and donors often make a move from one portfolio to another. What does portfolio overlap look like? How do advancement professionals ensure a seamless experience from the donor perspective? 

There is no right away, but there are different ways that are working.

5 Institutions will have 10 minutes each to share, their secrets and best practises on breaking down silos and creating seamless experiences for their constituents and donors.

Learning objectives:

  1. Hear how different advancement teams are working to ensure donor movement is covered in an efficient and seamless way.
  2. Learn how some shops take a holistic approach to donors and work as a team to steward and support their needs.
  3. Identify with some areas of different models and apply them to one’s own practices.

Small Shop Reality Check: Re-aligning Alumni Engagement and Fundraising

Anne Thibodeau - Manager, Philanthropy, University of Guelph

The Advancement Department at Mount Saint Vincent University has recently realigned roles, responsibilities, and developed a more focused strategy on addressing gaps in its alumni donor base. Aligning alumni engagement with an integrated relationship management process is expected to ultimately support and enhance alumni philanthropy.

Learning objectives:

  1. Marrying alumni engagement and fundraising.
  2. Small shop opportunities and challenges .
  3. Alumni fundraising strategies (or execution) working with limited staff and budget resources.

Mini-Campaigns: One Approach to Integrating Major Giving and Annual Giving

Sarah Clarke - Director, Annual Giving & Advancement Services, Carleton University 

Carleton uses a continuum of giving models to allocate resources and responsibility for various levels of fundraising. The mini-campaign approach integrates major giving and annual giving efforts and clearly defines the responsibilities of each area. This clarity has provided more structure and increased cooperation between the fundraisers.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The five giving levels used by Carleton.
  2. The systems put into place for each level.
  3. How this is smoothed annual giving and major giving overlap.

Collaboration is Everything

Linda Flynn - Associate Vice-President, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, and President, Durham College Foundation 

This presentation shows how Durham College has integrated its Development and Alumni portfolios for seamless relationship management within their department as well as with the broader institution. It will demonstrate the importance of building trust, giving back and use of technology impacted results at Durham College.

Learning Objectives:

  1. mportance of integrating Development and Alumni portfolios.
  2. How DC elevated profile of Development and Alumni Relations for collaboration throughout the broader institution.
  3. That the best way to gain support is to give support.

University of Guelph- a focus on being donor centered

Jana Miller - Alumni Advancement Manager, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences and College of Arts, University of Guelph

Tara McNeice - Acting Associate Director, Annual Giving at the University of Guelph.

The University of Guelph has a developed guideline for annual and major giving, however we focus on the relationship first and what is best for the donor when moving gifts from annual to major giving. It is not uncommon for a gift to move relationships, but for the most part, the gift will remain with the relationship manager. Coaching and cooperation happens a lot in our department between our annual and major giving teams. Is this the best way we should pursue this donor transition is a question we often ask ourselves. While we want the growth opportunity for our annual giving fundraisers, and the exposure to major giving, we know supporting a donor in making a large contribution takes a lot of time and energy that should otherwise be focused on their annual giving priorities- it’s a balance for sure!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how focusing on donors first, helps guide strategy and decisions.
  2. Discover how coaching and cooperation is an integral part of our day to day activities.
  3. Learn ways to balance priorities to maximize time, donor capacity and officer efficiency.

Streamlining the Annual Giving- Major Gift Connection

Trizana Parillo - Development Officer in Leadership Annual Giving, Concordia University.

Take a look at how Concordia is strengthening the connection between its Annual Giving and Major Gift officers, and maximizing leadership level donations across the university while continuing to support Major Gift and Planned Giving ambitions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How Concordia identified opportunities for more synergies between Annual Giving and Major Gifts.
  2. What support and resources Annual Giving offers to Major Gifts.
  3. What support and resources Major Gifts offers to Annual Giving.


Louise Bleau, Director of Annual Campaigns, Development and Alumni Relations Office, University of Montreal

After completing a Law degree at the University of Montréal, Louise joined the philanthropy world almost 30 years ago. She served as as Communications Director for the Jean Lapointe Foundation for eight years, where she was involved in production of the annual telethon. She later worked as Development Director / Executive Director for other provincial and national nonprofit organizations.
In 2000, Louise joined Tactic Direct, a direct-marketing agency specializing in fundraising campaigns for nonprofit organizations, as Account Director. For the next 16 years, she developed direct-marketing annual programs, created multi-channel campaigns for several nonprofit organizations, and implemented a call centre dedicated primarily to monthly conversion campaigns for the agency’s clients.

Over the years, Louise has been awarded a number of Golden Arrows from the Quebec-based Direct Marketing Association for her fundraising campaigns. In December 2016, she joined the University of Montréal’s Philanthropic Development Office as Director, Annual Giving.

Penelope BurkPenelope Burk

President, Cygnus Applied Research, Inc.

Author, Donor-Centered Fundraising and Donor-Centered Leadership

Penelope Burk’s career in the not-for-profit sector began in communications and market research in the arts in the early 1970’s and expanded into fundraising and senior management for prominent human services organizations over the next decade. She founded Burk & Associates Ltd. in 1990 and Cygnus Applied Research, Inc. in 2003.

Penelope is the author of the best-selling industry standard, Donor-Centered Fundraising. First published in 2003, the book is currently in its tenth printing. In 2013, Penelope published the companion book, Donor-Centered Leadership, a critical resource for Boards of Directors, Chief Executive Officers and Advancement Directors on how to implement Donor-Centered Fundraising and manage fundraising staff for optimum results.

Penelope Burk understands donors and what they want more deeply than any consultant in the fundraising industry. In the last twenty years, she and her innovative firm, Cygnus Applied Research, Inc., have conducted surveys and research studies with more than a quarter million American donors. She has reached back into their lives to find out about the first time they gave, what motivates their philanthropy now, what their greatest and most frustrating experiences in giving are, and what their dreams are for their philanthropic future.

Sarah Clarke, Director, Annual Giving & Advancement Services, Carleton University

Sarah Clarke began working as a student caller nearly 25 years ago. Upon graduation from McMaster University, she joined Mac’s team as an Annual Giving Officer and later moved on to Trinity College at the University of Toronto to run its Annual Giving program.

In 2002, Sarah came to Carleton University to revive Carleton’s annual giving efforts and initiate comprehensive, multi-channel giving programs for all constituents. In the following year, records, reporting, prospect research, advancement operations and gifts administration were added to her portfolio.

Since then, the team’s primary focus has been on growing annual giving, increasing efficiency in all processes and better integrating advancement services’ efforts across campus.

Terry Cockerline, Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, University of Victoria, and Executive Director, University of Victoria Alumni Association

As the Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Terry Cockerline is responsible for the overall vision and leadership of the University's Alumni Relations and Annual Giving programs. He also serves as the executive director of the University of Victoria Alumni Association, building strong relationships between the university and alumni living locally, nationally or internationally.

Previous to arriving at the University of Victoria in 2011, Terry worked as Manager, Alumni Relations at his alma mater, Brock University overseeing regional programming, young alumni and student programming, Homecoming activities and alumni communications. He also served as Executive Director of the Brock Alumni Association.

Tarek ElChaarani, Director of Annual Giving & Business Intelligence in University Advancement, McGill

Tarek ElChaarani is the Director of Annual Giving & Business Intelligence in University Advancement at McGill, a newly created position which he assumed in August 2016. He is responsible for the strategic conception and day-to-day management of McGill’s Annual Giving program, as well as the development, implementation and oversight of a comprehensive analytics and performance management program to support the various units within University Advancement.

Mr. ElChaarani began his advancement career at McGill as a student caller before assuming various roles within the Annual Giving and Business Intelligence units. He also managed the Annual Giving program at the Université de Montréal for two years before returning to his Alma Mater to assume his current role.

Mr. ElChaarani is a two-time alumnus of McGill with a BSc’07 and a Dip (Management)’12 and he obtained his MBA’16 from the JMSB at Concordia University.

Linda Flynn, Associate Vice-President, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, and President, Durham College Foundation

As the associate vice -president, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, and president, Durham College Foundation since 2015, Linda brings more than 18 years of fundraising and not-for-profit management experience, at both the community and national levels.

Prior to joining DC, Linda was the director of advancement for the Lakeridge Health Foundation. Under her guidance, development programs including major gifts, third-party events and direct response campaigns generated an annual revenue of over $3.5 million. In addition she successfully implemented a new visual identity for the foundation and hospital, along with developing a 10-year comprehensive campaign to raise $50 million for the redevelopment of Lakeridge Health.

Linda has also served as the director of fund development for Scientists in School, where she created the organization’s inaugural fund development plan, and attracted new corporate donors. Other roles include director, funds development, for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and director of development for the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Linda holds a Public Relations diploma from Durham College and a Fundraising Management Certificate from Ryerson University. She has also achieved her Canadian Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) accreditation.

Linda is currently working on her Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Shannon Gaskell, Development Officer- Annual Fund & Stewardship , Seneca College

Shannon Gaskell is a Montreal native with development and special events experience from both the healthcare and arts & culture sectors. She began her non-profit career as an Event Coordinator at the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.  Shannon then worked in progressive roles at the Jewish Public Library in Montreal, first as a development officer moving onto become the Director of Development overseeing the library’s fund development plan.

Shannon has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Philosophy from Concordia University in Montreal and a graduate certificate in Event Management from Niagara College. In her current role as the Development Officer- Annual Fund and Stewardship at Seneca College, she is responsible for all annual appeals including employee giving, alumni campaigns and stewardship activities.

Joy Gooding, Senior Development Officer, Seneca College

Joy Gooding currently works at Seneca College, and is responsible for securing major gifts for programming, capital initiatives, sponsorships and financial aid. She has held senior fundraising positions at The Next 36, Toronto International Film Festival and JAZZ.FM91. Her experience includes annual and major gifts fundraising, donor relations, project management, event planning, and volunteer management. Throughout her career Joy oversaw a variety of annual programs including direct mail, telemarketing, on-air campaigns, on-line and special event fundraising. Joy graduated with honours from both Radio and Television Broadcasting at Seneca and Fundraising and Volunteer Management at George Brown College. Joy sees her role as a facilitator, helping organizations achieve their marketing and social responsibility goals and inspiring individuals to realize their philanthropic priorities.

Lee Hayes, Director, Alumni Affairs & Annual Giving at Trent University

Lee Hays is an experienced non-profit leader with 12 years in post-secondary alumni engagement, communications and fundraising, and a further 11 years in the financial services sector. Currently Director at Trent University, Lee is responsible for oversight of Alumni Relations, Annual Giving, Convocation and Trent Retiree Relations.

Devan Katsof , Development Officer, Annual Giving, Wilfred Laurier University

Devan started her career on the phone in Queen’s University’s call centre and went on to complete her postgraduate certificate in fundraising management at Humber College. With an interest in higher education, Devan completed an internship with the Advancement team at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA and then came home to work with the team at Laurier. For the past three years, Devan has focused on working with Laurier’s annual leadership donors. She has worked closely with our Stewardship and Donor relations team to ensure our annual donors continue to hear about why their gifts matter.

Shaun Keister, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor, Development & Alumni Relations, President, UC Davis Foundation, UC Davis

Shaun Keister became UC Davis’ first vice chancellor for development and alumni relations in 2011 and functions as the campus’s chief development officer, leading a team of over 220, and president of the UC Davis Foundation.  He led UC Davis in completing its first comprehensive campaign raising more than $1.13 billion from 110,000 donors. He leads the planning for the second, larger campaign.

Previously, Keister served in leadership development roles at Penn State, Florida State, and Iowa State.

Keister has a bachelor's degree in political science from Penn State and a master's and doctoral degree in sociology from Iowa State.

Tara McNeice, Development Manager, University of Guelph

Tara McNeice, Acting Associate Director, Annual Giving at the University of Guelph (UofG).  Tara is responsible for the strategic annual solicitation of alumni, parents, and friends of the University, raising approximately $5M annually. Prior to coming to Guelph, Tara managed the We Schools in Action program with Free the Children/Me to We (now

With a degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in Leadership Studies from the University of Guelph, Tara is a dedicated Guelph grad. With over a decade of experience in relationship building and engagement, Tara’s ability to support and cultivate philanthropic dreams remains her passion.

Jana Miller, Alumni Advancement Manager, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences and College of Arts, University of Guelph

Jana Miller is an Alumni Advancement Manager at the University of Guelph. She has a diverse role that combines alumni engagement and fundraising. For the past three years, she has had the privelege of working closely with classes to plan their reunions and launch class projects. Last year, the U of G Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving team supported more than 45 class and group fundraising initiatives, which raised over $170,000.  She is continuously inspired by the unity of reunion classes and their motivation to continue supporting the University of Guelph.

Jana is a proud double alumna, completing both an undergraduate and graduate arts degree at U of G. She began her career in alumni advancement in 2008 at the University of Guelph-Humber and has developed a passion for building relationships with alumni and friends of U of G and advocates for education.

Trizana Parillo, Development Officer in Leadership Annual Giving, Concordia University.

Trizana has worked as an experienced fundraiser for over 12 years, including three years exclusively in Planned Giving. After receiving her BA in Political Science at Carleton University, Trizana also completed her Certificate in Fundraising Management at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. Trizana has worked in both fields of higher education and international aid and has a background in marketing and public relations.

June Perry, Manager, Stewardship and Donor Relations, Wilfred Laurier University

June graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies and started her career in non-profit as a Wish Granting Co-ordinator for the Children's Wish Foundation. In 2004, June accepted a role in stewardship at the Royal Ontario Museum in the office of the ROM Governors. Over the next 10 years, she served in roles with increasing responsibility, playing a vital role in the growth of Museum’s stewardship program with a key focus on strategically stewarding over 300 major gift donors representing over $400 million in giving.

In 2014, June was pleased to join Wilfrid Laurier University as Manager: Stweardship & Donor Relations (SDR). Since joining Laurier, June and her team strategically support development and alumni relations activity by ensuring consistent and sustainable acknowledgement, recognition and accountability of all gifts to the University.

Jennifer Sandmaier, BA, CFRE, Manager, Annual Giving, University of Victoria

As the Annual Giving Manager at the University of Victoria, Jennifer is responsible for strategy and overseeing the implementation of UVic’s Annual Giving programs. She aims to acquire, retain and renew donors and advises Annual Giving Officers on their solicitation strategy for donors who give between $1,000 and $25,000. In this role, Jennifer is able to integrate her love of fundraising with her love of data.

She began her fundraising career at the University of Calgary in their student calling program, before joining UVic in 2007. She is a CFRE and actively volunteers with the AFP Vancouver Island Chapter.

Dane Shumak
Development Officer, Annual Giving, Trent University

Dane Shumak is a nonprofit leader currently working at Trent University as the Development Officer of Annual Giving. In the past, he's run an event production non-profit, as well as worked for many charitable causes during his career. He has specific expertise in the educational and arts and culture sectors. He serves as a volunteer and board member for numerous charities, and is heavily involved in his community in both Peterborough and Toronto. Dane truly has a 360 degree view of working in the charitable sector, having worked as a fundraiser, an administrator, development officer, stewardship coordinator, marketing and communications manger, and event manager.

Dane is a graduate of the Trent University Business Administration Program and Seneca College Fundraising Management Program. He is actively progressing towards a CFRE designation.

Anne Thibodeau, Manager, Philanthropy, Mount Saint Vincent University

Anne Thibodeau is Manager, Philanthropy at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Joining the Mount’s small advancement team in 2011, Anne has played a key role in all of the University’s fundraising initiatives including the annual, major and planned giving programs.

Anne’s first foray into university advancement was as student caller for the 150th Anniversary Alumni Fund Campaign at her alma mater, Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB.

Throughout her 28 year career in the not-for-profit sector, Anne has successfully led and collaborated with volunteer and staff teams across various areas of fundraising, including capital campaigns and community fundraising initiatives with the Canadian Cancer Society, Acadia University and CNIB.

Brock Warner, Director of Community Giving and Innovation, War Child

Brock is Director of Community Giving and Innovation at War Child, a humanitarian charity known for innovative online fundraising and engagement. He oversees the annual and monthly giving program, donor stewardship, and donor systems management. He is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), is a former professor of ePhilanthropy at Humber College and regularly presents across Canada about War Child, philanthropy and international development issues.

Jacqueline Watty, Senior Relationship Manager, Advancement, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Jacqueline Watty is the Senior Relationship Manager, Advancement at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo Region and previously worked at the University of Guelph. Her 13+ years working in the Advancement world provides a broad perspective of everything from call centre metrics, major gifts, volunteer management and of course, annual giving. Jacqueline has worked collaboratively with faculty and staff to drive philanthropic results and believes a successful campaign always starts with the relationship.

In addition to Jacqueline's role at Perimeter Institute, she is the Chair of the Development Committee and Vice-President for The Humane Society of Kitchener-Waterloo and Stratford-Perth. She holds an undergraduate degree in Adult Education from Brock University and a masters degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph.

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