TD Fellowship - Application


The senior advancement professional at the host institution will be responsible for selecting one candidate to submit to the Selection Committee and for ensuring the eligibility of its chosen candidate. The following must be included in all applications:

  • Online completion of Part A by the candidate.
  • Online completion of Part B by the host institution.
  • Detailed program outline which includes the work to be covered, the professional development plan and a budget.
  • A cover letter from the candidate outlining his/her qualifications to become a TD Fellow, and a factual list or resume outlining principal activities, including volunteer activities, honours and awards (one page).
  • Two letters of reference recommending the candidate for the Fellowship.
  • Candidates currently in contract positions (and who have graduated in the past 5 years) are eligible for a Fellowship. Projects submitted for such candidates must show clear expansion of existing responsibilities, new projects and/or program changes. Projects submitted for a Fellowship cannot be extensions of current projects. 

The candidate must answer the following questions and email their responses to the email address :

  • What do you consider to be the most serious issue (s) facing Canadian colleges and universities today? (No more than 500 words.) 
  • How can/should advancement departments (alumni relations, fund raising, communications departments) support the mission of Canadian colleges and universities? (No more than 500 words.)   

The host institution must prepare a statement, as outlined below, and email it to the email address :

Please prepare a statement of support for the candidate covering the following points (No more than 500 words):

  • The candidate’s experience and qualifications to be a TD Fellow.
  • The candidate’s most outstanding relevant accomplishments.
  • How this candidate will fit into your advancement team and what you expect their major contributions to be.

All online forms, supporting documents (by email or courier) and letters of reference (by email or courier) must be received by January 11, 2019.

Mary Duffley
Chair, Selection Committee
TD Insurance Fellowships in Advancement

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