Rising Star Awards

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Rising Star Awards are designated for professionals with three to five years’ experience in educational advancement who demonstrate achievements, accomplishments, early success and commitment in the advancement field. A $2,000 Presidents’ Scholarship is presented to each Rising Star and is used to support further professional development in the year following their receiving the award. 

Eligibility - To be eligible to receive the award, the Rising Star must:

  • Have between three and five years’ experience in the institutional advancement field
  • At the time of nomination and presentation, be employed as an institutional advancement professional by a member in good standing of CCAE
  • Demonstrate achievements and accomplishments in the institutional advancement field
  • Demonstrate early success as an advancement leader
  • Demonstrate professional and volunteer contributions that indicate a strong commitment to advancement in Canada. Preference will be given to individuals who have served as CCAE volunteers. 

Nomination Documentation  - The nomination documentation for the Rising Star Awards must contain:  

  1. The nomination form.
  2. A letter of recommendation signed by the nominator, not to exceed two typewritten pages (12 pt. font, preferably Arial or Times Roman). This letter should describe the breadth of contributions made by the candidate. Past recipients have often submitted more than one letter of reference.
  3. A resumé or chronological listing of the nominee’s positions, titles and institutional affiliations.

As part of the Rising Star Award, each recipient will be awarded a Presidents’ Scholarship with a value of up to CDN $2,000, to support the recipient’s participation in a CCAE professional development activity. In recognition of the volunteer nature of the association, and the need to continue to foster future leadership, each recipient will be encouraged to take on a leadership role in a CCAE program, project or service.

The award amount must be used in the 12 months following receipt of the award. The amount is limited to travel, accommodation and registration for CCAE professional development activities and is non-transferable. It is recommended that the scholarship be used for the annual CCAE National Conference following the award distribution, i.e., a 2018 award winner would use the scholarship to attend the 2019 CCAE National Conference.

Deadline:  March 2, 2018

Rising Star Award Past Winners